40 Glocc Reflects On Pressing Lil Wayne & Baby, Tyga Robbery, & Suing The Game

40 Glocc Reflects On Pressing Lil Wayne & Baby, Tyga Robbery, & Suing The Game


Say what you will about 40 Glocc, but the west coast veteran has been at the center of many wild tales. Naturally, Glocc made sure to share said tales on Adam 22’s No Jumper, where he proceeded to reflect on some of his more infamous conflicts. 

Adam also asks about the 2008 video, in which Glocc was seen holding two of Tyga‘s chains “for ransom.” “Tyga was a situation man,” laughs Glocc. “N***as cliqued on cuz, and it was what it was. I don’t like Baby. We had no problem with Tyga. Cuz was on the speakerphone right there like why ya’ll doing that to me? We like, cuz you just a victim! Tell [Birdman] he needs to pay up.” He explains that the situation stemmed from a deep-rooted issue with Cash Money. “Suge called me like ’40, that n***a Baby, I’m fuckin that n***a up. He was like, ‘I respect you, you never turn that shit to no crip-and-blood shit, you keep it one hundred. He was like, I don’t respect what them n***as did.” 

40 Glocc Reflects On Pressing Lil Wayne & Baby, Tyga Robbery, & Suing The Game

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“[Suge] said, that n***a Baby gonna fly n***as out like they some groupie bitches after they jumped you?” says Glocc. By his account, Suge was adamant that Baby needed to catch a beating. “Baby’s a weird muthafucka, cuz,” he continues. “He a weird underhanded muthafucka. Nobody ever understood why I don’t fuck with that weird-ass n***a. Now I see him and Wack together, they just make another class of bitch-ass n***as I don’t like. They act like I have all this feud in the industy, nah bruh. You got Wack, Game, and Baby bruh. Lil Wayne was just a victim of circumstance. I pushed that n***a into an elevator one time. Cuz didn’t want no smoke.”

He details when he and his entourage ran up on Baby and Wayne’s car, explaining that no laws were broken — they were simply responding to a slew of subliminal diss lines. “That was me, Spyder,” reflects 40. “It could have got super real. But we went with the intention to holler. It so happens I had a kite phone and it was streaming live on ThisIs50.com…That’s how all that shit got caught on live like that.” 

He also addresses a few more of his notorious feuds, including beefs with The Game and Wack 100. When Adam asks about the former, Glocc admits his vengeance will not go unresolved. He warns Game that he’s willing to go for a rematch, claiming that the whole “snitch” narrative was a complete fabrication. “I didn’t snitch on you, you got this shit all over the internet,” says Glocc. “You’re doing Funk Flex, you’re doing whole fucking programs, and you reconducted a jumping to make it a one on one. You doctored this up and went on a whole tour with it acting like you did all this superhero weird shit. You playin’ with this shit.”

He also argues that a civil lawsuit hardly constitutes as snitching. “First of all, who I snitch to?” he challenges. “Can’t anyone tell me who I snitched to. I never told anybody. Never got held up by police. Never talked to police. That’s what [Game’s team] was doing bruh. Sabotaging my Instagram, calling me laughing about this shit. N***as was putting my license plate on the internet for police to see, knowing I’m riding dirty.” He maintains that he told Game he didn’t care about the fight tape’s release, nor at the fact that he got jumped in the first place. Still, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to squeeze his opponent for some ducats. “I’m the type of muthafucka to walk in a grocery store and do a slip and fall if I need bread!”