21 Savage Explains Why Drake Deserves More Respect In Hip Hop – Urban Islandz

21 Savage Explains Why Drake Deserves More Respect In Hip Hop – Urban Islandz


21 Savage says Drake needs to get a lot more respect in hip hop than he is getting now.

While a large segment hip hop will agree with 21 Savage’s statement, there is still a large segment who thinks that Drake is overrated and even among rappers, he is seen as a bit a culture vulture. Saint Lauren Don did an interview with GQ magazine where he praised Drake for helping elevate young artists. 21 isn’t just seen as a gangster rapper, these days he is also seen as an investor, and a style icon.

Just recently, 21 Savage told his fans that he would stop wear jewelry and instead focus on investing his money so he can continue to get rich. In 2016, Drake bought 21 Savage, who was still a rising rapper at the time, a brand new Ferrari for his birthday. The pair had collaborated on “Sneakin” which became a huge hit that year and helped 21 cement his place as a hot new young rapper.

“Drake just a genuine-ass good-hearted person,” 21 Savage told GQ. “He did a lot shit he didnít have to do. He do a lot sh*t for up-and-coming rappers, period. I donít think he get his respect for that. Every f**kiní year, he pull a new artist up. Ainít no other artist on his level do that sh*t.”

21 Savage raised a key point, and even if you’re not a Drake fan, you have to agree that he ten lends his stimulus package to young rappers coming up and give them a lot clout. This year we saw what he did with BlocBoy JB on their collaboration “Look Alive” which has been in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for months.

Last year, we saw Drake putting a number British rappers on his new album and introduced them to the American market. The year before that it was the same thing when he included WizKid and Kyla on his chart-topping single “One Dance.”