2 Chainz Thinks He Killed Kanye West, Big Sean & Pusha-T On "Mercy"

2 Chainz Thinks He Killed Kanye West, Big Sean & Pusha-T On "Mercy"


“Mercy” featured star-making appearances from all of the artists involved. Without it, we would never have heard so many clever ass analogies from Big Sean. Some of Pusha-T’s craziest flows wouldn’t exist. Kanye West wouldn’t have delivered bars about rapper’s taste levels not even being at his waist level. Last, but certainly not least, 2 Chainz wouldn’t have recorded one of his best verses ever.

“Okay, now catch up to my campaign/Coupe the color of mayonnaise/I’m drunk and high at the same time/Drinkin’ champagne on an airplane,” raps 2 Chainz to commence his verse. The song may have been released almost eight years ago but it remains a premier posse cut in the hip-hop world. While Tity Boi likely would not have admitted his true feelings about the song when it was still popping off on the charts, he has no problem revealing that he believes his verse is the best on the entire record now.

“No disrespect but I kilt all dem boys,” wrote the rapper on Instagram, sharing the cover art and inviting fans to share their own opinions.

This track arguably made a superstar out of Big Sean, but it also proved to many why 2 Chainz is one of the most underrated spitters in the game.

Who do you think had the best verse on “Mercy?”