2 Chainz Announces T.R.U’s "No Face No Case" Album Release Date

2 Chainz Announces T.R.U’s "No Face No Case" Album Release Date


T.R.U. University is back in session. Dad-tier academia puns aside, we’ve come bearing good news. Following the release of a few January bangers, including the recent “Virgil Discount,” 2 Chainz, Skooly, Sleepy Rose, Worl, and Hott Locked N have landed on a release date for their upcoming group album. Look for No Face No Case to land on February 7th, with many speculating another single bridging the gap. 

2 Chainz Announces T.R.U's "No Face No Case" Album Release Date

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Tity Boi took to Instagram to showcase the album’s creative direction, which finds each member embodying the album title in a literal sense. Last but not least comes the album cover, which depicts the five rappers standing as a united, albeit incognito, front. As of now, further details surrounding runtime, track allocation, and guest appearances remain under lock and key. 

Given how liberal 2 Chainz has been with previewing new music, it’s entirely possible that No Face No Case is a prelude to his own solo album. Either way, it’s always a good thing when Tity Boi enters the fold – has he earned the right to be named among the game’s most consistent? Look for T.R.U’s group album to land on February 7th, 2020. Are you excited?