?Belle and Sebastian Are Planning to Do Their Own Cruise

?Belle and Sebastian Are Planning to Do Their Own Cruise


?Belle and Sebastian Are Planning to Do Their Own Cruise

Belle and Sebastian may hail from the rolling green fields and drizzly grey skies Scotland, but the indie pop outfit are asking fans for input on an upcoming trip to warmer waters. Yes, they want to embark on a band cruise, and you can let them know where you want to go for the ocean-set music festival.

The group have shared a survey about a prospective trip that would set sail from Barcelona in summer 2019. Options for destinations include Ibiza, Nice and Monte Carlo, and there are also options for how many port stops you’d like to make.

You can also have your say about on-board accommodations (and prices), who you’d like to bring with you and what sort activities you want to be made available.

Most fun all, you can pitch ideas for the lineup 10 to 15 bands that Belle and Sebastian would bring along for the ride.

Offer your input by taking the surveyhere. As a bonus, if you fill out the questionnaire, you could win a box set the group’s recent EP trilogy How to Solve Our Human Problems.

The cruise isn’t the band’s first unconventional idea for a live performance; in 1999, they created and curated the Bowlie Weekender, which went on to serve as the inspiration for long-running festival All Tomorrow’s Parties.