Young Preach Taps Famous Dex For A Study In "Beef"

Young Preach Taps Famous Dex For A Study In "Beef"


Young Preach and Famous Dex come through with a cautionary tale.

With one the game’s most prominent feuds currently ongoing, it looks like beef is back on the menu. Now, Young Preach and Famous Dex have joined forces to issue a warning sorts, to anybody contemplating engaging in harsh words. “They don’t wanna see how I move, how I run deep,” raps Preach, over a furious, distorted instrumental. Employing the current flow-du-jour, the “ey/yeah” flow, Preach holds it down with a solid, if not groundbreaking contribution. While it is technically his track, the bulk the vocals are handled by his partner in crime, Famous Dex.

“30 on me I ain’t lackin,” raps Dex, “run up on you and it’s crackin.” He proceeds to throw some harsh words at his generational peers, questioning their sexuality and dubbing them “maggots.” It’s not exactly his most lyrically challenging contribution, but Dex’ charisma goes a long way. Peep the track in its entirety and sound f below.

Quotable Lyrics

Got a lil bitch Puerto Rican, fuck that lil bitch on the weekend
Man shit be tweakin, yeah on molly she tweakin’
Pop me a perc man I’m geekin’