Tech N9ne & Seven Address Importance Of Recruiting Local Musicians

Tech N9ne & Seven Address Importance Of Recruiting Local Musicians


Among the topics discussed during Tech N9ne and Seven’s recent conversation with was their interest in recruiting musicians local to Kansas City, Missouri, when it concerns making new music.

According to Tech N9ne, his city boasts a great deal of talent, and it only makes sense to “get paid together.”

“We fuck with our city, man,” Tech N9ne said. “I think it’s cool to bring people up from your section. It’s a lot of talent here. It’s a lot of talent here and it’s like we’re right here. Why not? Why not get the people that are the best in this area? Let’s go get paid together.”

Prior to speaking on recruiting musicians from Kansas City, both Tech N9ne and Seven, who serves as in-house music producer at Strange Music, spoke on one of their first collaborations with one another, “Come Gangsta.”

Everready was the first song that he had on one of my albums, which was ‘Come Gangsta’ and that started a world of shit,” the rapper said. “Because he brought—That beat it just didn’t sound like nothing I’ve ever heard. And I was like ‘That is the sound I’m looking for.’ It was operatic. It was Hip Hop. It was mob…I don’t think anybody else could have rapped on that track.”

“That beat was the first time I’d ever spent like three days straight,” Seven added. “I’m talking about like twelve hours every day, just for three hours straight just working on one beat. It sort of became the sound. Because now that’s how long I spend on beats. I just knew that I wanted to do something that musically that was as intricate as what he was doing.”

Tech N9ne and Seven’s interview can be found below.

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