Tax G Calls Fetty Wap A Clone

Following the release of Newark, New Jersey rapper Tax G’s “Bad Guy,” a record that takes aim at fellow New Jersey artist Fetty Wap, Tax G recently spoke with about his issues with Fetty Wap and Remy Boyz.

According to Tax G, following the release of “Trap Queen,” people approached him asking if the song was his record. He went on to explain that he did listen to the song, and wasn’t too concerned by the similarities until Fetty Wap introduced a new look, which consisted of blonde dreadlocks similar to his own.

“I haven’t met them personally,” Tax G said. “I met up with P. Dice specifically about a couple months ago. But we from Jersey, we all know each other. And we know who’s doing their thing in each city, basically. So, it’s like mutual music. That’s it...A year and a half ago, I basically got a style I had patented and I had built since 2007-08. I hear ‘Trap Queen’ on the radio. A lot of people hit me up like ‘Tax, is that you? Is that you?’ I’m like ‘Wait, let me go hear this. Nah, that’s not me’…A lot of people was saying ‘Yo, he’s taking your shit. He’s stealing your adlibs.’ I just let that go. I’m like it’s a Jersey artist. I’mma support, but it’s just like what woke me up is the guy got the dreadlocks. And it wasn’t just black dreadlocks. They were actually blonde dreadlocks. And I been having the same [style] hair, dreadlocks since 2008. Even before that. So, it’s too strong of a coincidence. And it’s too close to home to be a clone.”

In regards to “Bad Guy,” which was released last week, Tax G says the song is more of a statement than a diss record. A statement he says his fans were eager to hear.

He later revealed that he expected Fetty Wap to pay homage, and added that if he was to blow up, it would look like he was copying Fetty’s style.

“I wouldn’t call it a diss,” he said. “It’s a statement. And my fans everyday are hitting me up like ‘When are you going to say something?’ I was just happy to see a Jersey artist get on. But I would have expected him to reach out or pay some type of homage…As far as your audience, it would be looking like I’m trying to bite off of you. If I decided to blow up when everything about you including the look, the style, the words, everything is my style.”

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