Rich The Kid Comes Away Laughing On "Bring It Back"

Rich The Kid Comes Away Laughing On "Bring It Back"


Rich The Kid does a lane switch without turning his head.

On a cover reminiscent  an era when struggle rap got shiny new wrapping paper, Rich The Kid flexes his pink slip, not once but twice. “Bring It Back” kind  plays out like the rap game’s overstated desire to make the flute a musical line par excellence. The trouble is, sometimes the flute just sounds like something out a medieval court without the proper accompaniment.

Rich The Kid’s monosyllabic cuts have become his first act contemplation. On “Bring It Back” Rich The Kid abandons the structural elements that made it work in the first place. The song comes complete with a video where Rich The Kid hops a Lear, orders catering to his AirBnb, and withstands the imminent danger a rattle-snake which he indubitably tamed and wrapped around his pinky finger after the shoot.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I tell her bring it back, flexing with all the racks 
Nigga, you ball cap 
I’m in the ‘bach back 
Why would you lie to me? 
She wanna ride with me 
I got the Bentley B, you could go flex with me