Pro-Trump Rally & Juggalo March Going Down Same Day, Same Place In D.C.

Pro-Trump Rally & Juggalo March Going Down Same Day, Same Place In D.C.

While the Trump administration battles issues ranging from the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia to international threats from North Korea, die-hard supporters  the 45th President the United States aren’t slowing down — but now they’re about to meet some Faygo-loving Juggalos.

Trump backers and Juggalos will both be marching in Washington D.C. on September 16, according to a recent report from Consequence Of Sound.

The Insane Clown Posse-worshiping fans will be protesting the FBI’s classification Juggalos as “a loosely organized hybrid gang” at the same location that pro-Trump demonstrators are staging the “Mother All Rallies,” which organizers refer to as “the Woodstock American rallies.”

So far, Facebook event pages for both marches have received about 1,500 “confirmed” attendees. The Juggalo March starts at the Lincoln Memorial, while M.O.A.R. kicks f at the nearby Washington Monument.

ICP have been vocal about staging a march following Juggalo’s gang classification in 2011 and attempted to sue the FBI in 2014. Despite a long legal battle, the case was once again dismissed, according to the march’s ficial website. “We are back to square one from a legal standpoint,” it reads.

The site explains that the march is a serious protest against discrimination.

“As many you are no doubt personally aware, the FBI’s inclusion Juggalos as a ‘gang’ has resulted in hundreds if not thousands people subjected to various forms discrimination, harassment, and priling simply for identifying as a Juggalo,” an ficial statement reads. “Over the past five years, our legal team has heard testimonies and reports from Juggalos all over the nation who have lost custody their children, been fired from jobs, denied access into the armed forces, and the most common consequence — being ficially labeled as a gang member by law enforcement agencies for wearing Juggalo related clothing or brandishing one or more Juggalo tattoos.”