Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh At The Peak Of Their Powers On "Where You At"

Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh At The Peak Of Their Powers On "Where You At"


Lil Wayne in “Solja Rag” regalia.

Lil Wayne on “Where You At” was Weezy in the era well before he considered himself the best rapper alive. In fact, in the outro to record Weezy tells his brethren to put the house on his name, and suggests “I’m not a rapper don’t get that shit twisted, I just do this shit because I’ve got to feed my seed.”

When 500 Degreez came out in 2002, it marked his 3rd solo album after the Hot Boys were disbanded, letting Weezy and Juve fully explore their solo potential. This critical point marks a period before Wayne experimented with lean, ‘fore Cash Money opened itself up to music the pop/rap persuasion, when Hollygrove became Hollywood or rather Miami.

For instance, Wayne arrives in a chopper in the “Where You At” music video, letting his comrades loose in a jungle setting. Wayne uses the illusion jungle warfare to express living in a reactive and turbulent state, far different from the effects his copious use codeine had on his music a decade later.

500 Degreez remains to this day a classic piece work in Weezy’s ever expanding catalog. It also helps ring in a day celebration for Lil Wayne, as he appears to have finally broken free contractual obligations to Birdman and Cash Money. The fictional father/son duo reportedly agreed on a $10 million settlement over a lawsuit Weezy had filed under an oath confidentiality.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ferrari look nice on low pro Yokohomas
With ’20 inch chromes poking out ’em
Chrissy till the dome tote the ganja
Red-bone in the shower
Hello! Pocahontas give a long stroke poke for hours
Floating vagina hoe, I’mma holla
Sold coke in the ’90s, I’m honest man
Nothing big maybe ounces, grams.