Indie Rock Band Releases "Diss Track" Aimed At Critic

Indie Rock Band Releases "Diss Track" Aimed At Critic


Over the years, we’ve grown to associate diss tracks with Hip Hop artists… but that doesn’t mean an indie rocker won’t clap back at you if you target him in the press.

Sam Ray, music projects such as Ricky Eat Acid and Teen Suicide, wrote a blog post utterly slamming the music a band called Car Seat Headrest with no beating around the bush whatsoever (“Car Seat Headrest,” he wrote, “Because all the other hyper-opinionated, ego-obsessed, self-aggrandizing artists out there make albums that are just a little too interesting.”)

Well, all this provocation was not about to go unanswered by the indie rockers, whose lead singer Will Toledo decided to try his hand at rapping for a riposte. Titled “Stoney Bologne Feat. Sam Ray,” the song largely just centers around Toledo’s only (likely fictional) account himself being bullied… Which in the diss track world is kind just a massive self-own.

“I was riding my bike after school, when some fool pushed me into the pool… This kid named Sam rolled me down the street in a trash can, he loves it when he beats my fuckin’ ass man.” It’s not fire, but thankfully it’s not really supposed to be.

As for Sam Ray, well, he didn’t seem to feel too put out by it.