Hear Macy Gray's New Single "Sugar Daddy"

Hear Macy Gray's New Single "Sugar Daddy"


Macy Gray teases upcoming album with single “Sugar Daddy”.

Macy Gray seems to have revamped her sound with her latest single “Sugar Daddy.” The Grammy award-winning singer, who is most famous for her 2009 hit-single “I try”, is making a kind comeback. Although she has released material fairly regularly, her work has failed to chart for several years. “Sugar Daddy” might be the way back into the heart the mainstream.

The song is reminiscent the Motown era, complete with percussive keys and cutesy background vocals. This flavor may be explained by Meghan Trainor’s co-writing. Still, the Grammy Award-winning singer puts forth an effort that fits into the contemporary landscape RnB, trap hi-hats included.

The song is pure ear-candy. It fers catchy melodies and an ear-worm a hook. However, listeners should not expect to be struck by any real emotional depth, unless they attribute substantial importance to the subject giving and receiving sugar. “Sugar Daddy” is summer vibes, pure and simple.

Peep Macy Gray’s signature raspy sound with a twist and keep an eye out her the release her 10th studio album, Ruby.