Geraldo Rivera Rips Kendrick Lamar: “This Is Why I Say Hip-Hop’s Done More Damage Than Racism” [Video]

Television personality Geraldo Rivera is once again rubbing hip-hop fans the wrong way after singling out Top Dawg Entertainment’s Kendrick Lamar over his BET Awards 2015 “Alright” performance.

Rivera called out K. Dot for sending mixed messages during his live set.

“Not helpful at all, this is why I say hip-hop has done more damage to young African Americans than racism in recent years. This is exactly the wrong message and then to conflate what happened in the church in Charleston, South Carolina with these tragic incidents involving excessive use of force by cops, to equate that racist killer with cops, it is so wrong, it is so counterproductive, it gives exactly the wrong message. It doesn’t recognize that a city like Baltimore where remember Freddie Gray, they’ve had a homicide since Freddie Gray, no one’s protesting that. Baltimore, a tiny city, seven percent the size of New York, has just as many murders as New York. We have to wake up at some point and understand what’s going on.” (Fox News)