Future Musters Dark Sexual Undertones On "Stains"

Future Musters Dark Sexual Undertones On "Stains"


“How many stains you hit?”

Casting Future as the natural successor to “Pusher Man” Curtis Mayfield checks every box on the way to the dugout. Superfly from Director X gives the general plotline a drug kingpin trying come clean first explored in the Blaxploitation era, a “digital scale” update. Future, no regular rapper, is counted upon to do more than craft & curate a seamless rap album, it also needs to mirror the effects the film. In a sense, this is Future’s first attempt at flexing his command as an auteur.

“Stain,” produced by Young Chop, goes where many Future’s songs seduction go from an atmospheric point view. Future rarely sweetens the pot when dialoguing about his sexuality. He puts aside his criminal mind on “Stain,” but is hard done by leaving the rougher aspects his personality out the equation, like when he uses the image “thunder and stormin'” to describe his dominance in bed. 

Young Chop provides the bassy thump Future has become synonymous for. As for the feature film the song helps promote, Superfly comes out on June 13th. Director X is hopeful his first “major” motion picture will lead to other opportunities on the big screen.

Quotable Lyrics:

How many stains you hit? Oh no, how many stains?
Private plane, converted up with a private plane
Cookin’ it up with baking soda, how many chains?
You ain’t thinkin’ how I’m thinkin’, I’m goin’ to the bank
I come in a tank, I come with the drank
I come with the drapes, I crush out the face
Patek Phillipe, I’m too unique
Gotta stop all the leaks, getting caught with the freaks