Future & 21 Savage Channel Superfly Soul On "What's Up With That"

Future & 21 Savage Channel Superfly Soul On "What's Up With That"


Future and 21 Savage ask the important questions.

Superfly and soul are synonymous, and Future and 21 Savage represent accordingly on their collaboration “What’s Up With That.” Over a trap-inspired instrumental, both rapper bring the pain their respective upbringings to the forefront. The end result is a genuinely emotional banger, which can only be authored from a place experience. In fact, such depth is what helped maintain longevity for both parties; it would be easy for Future and Savage alike to make due over hedonistic bangers. Yet one cannot simply emerge from the Atlanta projects without stories to tell.

Yet where there is tribulation, there is triumph in equal measure. “Ain’t never had a silver spoon, man what’s up with that,” says Future, on the track’s introspective chorus. “I used to feel like a goon, man what’s up with that.” A simple, yet powerful line from Hndrxx, with layers to unpack. 21 sets it f with an impressive verse, which coincides with an added pizzicato component. While he retains his same cold-hearted monotone flow, his presence is undeniably dominant. “Zone 6 n***s like to get shit started, Instagram shooter ya’ll ain’t hit no targets,” raps Savage.

While it’s hardly an solo album, Superfly has Future’s fingerprints all over it. Peep one the project’s standout cuts right here.

Quotable Lyrics

We get first dabs on anything ’round the Act, ‘bless
I’ma smoke this OG Kush up to my fingertips
I know hoes when they choose, I can read they lips
Kick them doors down at Fourway, you’ll be sleepin’