“Empire” Catches Some Serious Backlash, “Real” Cookie Wants $300 Million

“Empire” Catches Some Serious Backlash, “Real” Cookie Wants $300 Million


Fox’s hit “Empire” television series could have to dish out some serious money to a woman claiming she is the motivation for on-screen sensation “Cookie.”

According to reports, a woman believes the fan favorite’s story is completely based on her real life and wants $300 million.

Sophia Eggleston claims in her lawsuit, she embodies the “Cookie” character in almost every important respect, including a penchant for wearing mink. She also says she did time for putting a hit on someone, and Cookie’s character did the same thing. Eggleston says she gave a copy of an autobiography to a screenwriter back in 2011, and she says months later the screenwriter called her to say she was pitching the book to Lee Daniels. (TMZ)

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