BlocBoy JB Turns Up For Brianna Perry's "Slow Dance"

BlocBoy JB Turns Up For Brianna Perry's "Slow Dance"


Brianna Perry stages her comeback with BlocBoy JB.

Miami’s Brianna Perry has been in the game for a minute now, dating back to the mid the 2000s when Missy Elliott took a liking to her brash style. Since then Perry has undergone more than just a name change, ditching Lil’ Brianna to reflect her self-styled image. When a rap act like Perry stays true to their lineage and is finally rewarded, it reads like a repayment fortune. She chose to wait on the edge  her seat, and rightly caught a lull in the action. 

On “Slow Dance” Brianna Perry isn’t shooting her shot with Fernando at the county fair. Blocboy JB enters the fray to assist in her rain dance celebrating in the interim, a proper romance with money. Brianna lists f the personal vanity items she has scored as a reminder her work ethic, not just her character. Blocboy does the same, except when he perceives an incoming threat to his bankroll, he “shoots above the chest.” 

Quotable Lyrics:

I just bought bout 5 Glocks from the pawn shop
Yeah my n****s yea we eating like they do lawn stops
Before I cut some grass im a cut a check, yea
Before I touch her ass gotta get some neck yea
Get my green like Shrek yea serving all the crack heads
Make his brain hit the skillet like a cracked egg

-BlocBoy JB