Anoyd Embodies The New Classic On HNHH Freestyle Session

Anoyd Embodies The New Classic On HNHH Freestyle Session


Annoyd revives the craft on our 29th episode HNHH Freestyle Session.

For those wondering if the young generation rappers have the ability to demonstrate their understanding the word “aliteration”, we present to you ANoyd. The rapper from Connecticut came through our New York fices to lay down some heat. His bars are styled unliked most current mainstream artists. In a sense, ANoyd fers an old-school vibe. Although some might perceive it as such, his sound is not outdated. The dude is coming on the scene with a handle on metaphors, wordplay, and intricate phrasing. If anything, his type flow is classic. He serves the brand realness that can only come from a sincere respect for the craft that is rhythm and poetry. 

ANoyd acknowledges his appreciation for the path paved by the older generations. His latest project, Blame It On Jay-Z exemplifies his respect for the game while carving out a unique spot in its current manifestation. His strongest bars are too fly to transcribe. Watch the video below to get a taste the new classic and let us know if you can rock with it. 

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Quotable Lyrics

Hov lane I’m passing all my peers
Hit a buck like I’m about to crash into a deer
Cut your body, lookin’ like I’m vacuuming a chair
Vince Carter, shoe brand
The shop value is there