A$AP Rocky Says He Should Be The Black James Bond

A$AP Rocky Says He Should Be The Black James Bond


A$AP Rocky says that he wants to continue the legacy of a movie action hero.

“I’d like to see me as the next Bond,” the Harlem, New York rapper says in an Esquire What I’ve Learned interview. “We need a black James Bond. I’d get the job done and I’ll look better than any other Bond that has ever lived. All I need is a six-pack.”

A$AP Rocky recently appeared as a drug dealer in Dope, which is produced by Pharrell Williams and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.

During the Esquire interview, he also explains why he has diamonds implanted into his teeth.

“I was dating a Romanian girl and she told me this wise tale,” he says. “She said that back in the old days, when everybody was in Romania, this old woman, I think it was her grandmother or somebody, put gold inside her mouth. When they came to America that’s what she pawned to start her new life. That inspired me to go and get diamonds installed in my teeth. You can’t see it. They’re only in the back. If the world ends at least my mouth will be valuable.”

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