03 Greedo Drops Off New Track "Floating"

03 Greedo Drops Off New Track "Floating"


03 Greedo releases the first single f his upcoming project, “God Level.”

03 Greedo only blew up this year. While he is one the more polarizing figures in hip hop these days, his talent is undeniable. Unfortunately, the rapper is about to serve a twenty year prison sentence on guns and drugs charges. However, he’s promised fans that he’ll record thirty albums before heading to prison which means that we’ll still be getting new music from him even when he’s away. He’s gearing up to release his new project, God Level in the near future and today, he drops f the first single, “Floating.”

03 Greedo drops f his latest single, “Floating” which is the first single f his forthcoming project, God Level. It has that classic west coast vibe to it and Greedo flexes his melodic side on the track. Shortly after he announced that he was sentenced to 20 years, he spoke to Billboard and revealed that “Floating” was one song he recorded in recent times that resonates with him the most. He said, “It’s like I’m walking on air or I’m walking on water. It’s like I’m the] Jesus Christ the projects.”

In addition to gearing up for God Level, he’s been working on several collaborations before starting his sentence. Earlier this week, Freddie Gibbs teased a collaboration between the two and Lil Uzi Vert was also spotted in the label with 03 Greedo. Hopefully, we’ll hear those collaborations soon.

Quotable Lyrics
I can touch the sky, I’m high enough
Choppa right behind, it’s loaded up
Watch your spirit rise in front us
Just ’cause you thought you could call my bluff